All stakeholders collectively chose this corridor to transport the energy generated by the wind turbines to the onshore grid. The corridor will connect the floating wind turbine site to the Kerhellegant electrical substation in the town of Plouharnel. The landing for the underwater connection will be built in the Kerhillio area in the town of Erdeven, around 4km away from the existing Kerhellegant substation.


The Groix & Belle-Île floating wind turbine site will be connected to the public electricity transmission system via an underwater (offshore section) and underground (onshore section) connection.

Underwater connection

The underwater connection uses a single tri-cable submarine cable covered by a protective sheath. Depending on the nature of the seabed, and to ensure complete safety and security throughout works, the latter will be embedded in marine sediment where possible. If embedding is not possible, the connection may be protected with rockfill, concrete slabs or cast-iron ballasting shells.

Underground connection

The underground connection will run from the landing manhole and comprise three separate cables in sheaths, buried in underground trenches measuring around 1.50 metres deep.

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éoliennes flottantes de groix et belle-Ile
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