The farm is located around 14km away from Groix, 19km away from Belle-Île and 22km away from the nearest coast. A number of studies conducted by specialist consultancies and environmental protection agencies into its impact on the physical, biological and human surroundings resulted in an impact assessment, key to any requests for permission and authorisations. Specific studies are being carried out to determine the best itinerary for the electrical connections across its entire underwater and underground length.


Environmental studies

The studies conducted and consultation work carried out have ensured that the project’s impact on the environment is minimal. Various measures were taken from the very start of the project to avoid impact, or restrict impact where inevitable. The location for the three wind turbines, shall fall outside the Natura 2000 zone (a listed special conservation area) on the Ile de Groix island, and was chosen in cooperation with all stakeholders (government bodies, the fishing authorities and those who make use of the sea in their everyday activities). A lack of anti-fouling systems on the floats and a connection pathway that circumvents fragile or high-risk ecological areas are just a few examples of the decisions taken to ensure the project is a success while nevertheless respecting the surrounding environment. A total of 17 evasive action measures, 16 risk reduction measures and one compensation measure are set to be implemented for the project.

Site monitoring through out the 20 year operating period

In addition to the studies and inventories used to draw up an initial environmental profile, the project operators will be setting up a monitoring process for the operational phase, adapted to ecological factors and priorities, with a view to improving knowledge of the effects of floating wind farms and their impact on biodiversity. This process will provide valuable feedback for rolling out other commercial farms. The results will be shared with the scientific community to improve global understanding of the topic and the protocols to be implemented. EOLFI is already an active contributor to the APPEAL, GEOBIRD, GEOSISMEM and ANODE programs led by France Energies Marines and co-funded by the ANR as part of the Investissements d’Avenir future investment program.

The landscape

Several photomontages around the islands of Groix, Belle-Île and Houat and from the mainland from Quiberon to Moëlan-sur-Mer provide an accurate snapshot of the landscape and heritage high-risk areas across the coast. The way in which the wind turbines are laid out and aligned within the area demonstrate the extent to which the landscape has been taken into account from the very start of the project. Here are two examples seen from the coast closest to Groix and Belle-Ile-en-Mer, based on photographs taken in the very best possible conditions in terms of visibility (clear, cloudless skies).

Photomontage from the port of Locmaria in Groix

Photomontage from the area around Fort Sarah Bernhardt in Belle-île-en-Mer

Photomontage from the Côte Sauvage in Quiberon

Photomontage from Percho in St Pierre Quiberon

Photomontage from the citadel of Port Louis

Photomontage from Kernevel in Larmor-Plage

Navigation within the farm

During the turbines’ set-up and operating stages, preventative security measures will be implemented by the Préfecture Maritime de l’Atlantique. This could include no-go areas demarcated by marker buoys placed around the construction site, for example, during the set-up and operating stages.

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