The project is also an opportunity to develop an industrial sector in Brittany specialising in the technologies of the future that will contribute to energy transition.

A new industrial and ecological sector

The Groix & Belle-Ile floating wind farm project will be developed, built and run by the ‘Ferme éolienne flottante de Groix & Belle-Ile’ company owned by a consortium made up of EOLFI, an SME that has been specialising in floating wind turbines since 2012, CGN Europe Energy, a European renewable energy subsidiary of Chinese energy corporation CGN and the Banque des Territoires.

The floating wind turbines will be assembled in Brittany in existing and/or in-progress infrastructure in the port of Brest.  They will then be towed one by one to the Groix & Belle-Ile site, secured using steel anchors and anchoring lines and interconnected electrically. RTE, France’s transmission system operator, will handle connecting the offshore pilot farm to the onshore electricity grid

Renewable marine energy to contribute to Brittany’s electricity pact

To secure Brittany’s power supply, RTE  is setting up an electrical underground connection between Saint-Brieuc and Lorient. The two offshore wind farms located on either side of this connection – the Saint-Brieuc wind turbine site and the Groix & Belle-Île floating wind farm – will also contribute to consolidating this supply. Developing future floating wind farms will boost Brittany’s energy production capacities, as the region currently only produces 15% of the electricity it consumes.

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